IPL Hair Removal Handset

Want to get rid of body hair and wonder which device or treatment gets the job done? Then, you are reading the right blog post. One of the best and latest technologies available in the market is the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Let’s unpack what Malibu Home Spa IPL handset can do, its benefits, and how it works.

Brief info about IPL Hair removal handset                

IPL is one of the hair removal techniques; such tools are laser-based and remove body hair in a safe way. Malibu Home Spa IPL hair removal handset provide very soft light waves to the base of the hair. The bulk of the popular IPL hair removal products can be used on legs, face, back and brazilian.

IPL hair removal device

Benefits of IPL Hair removal Handset

  • Inexpensive

When you start using Malibu Home Spa IPL hair removal handset, you don't need to spend any resources on costly wax therapies, lasers treatments, hair removal ointments, or other shaving techniques. It just requires one time purchase; thereafter you can save a significant sum of money over the course of your life by not having to pay for these treatments.

  • Fast and convenient

In contrast to electrolysis, IPL systems have a comparatively long treatment range and can reach vast areas easily. Usually, an entire leg would take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

  • No more ingrown hair

You won't have to deal with uncomfortable and untidy ingrown hairs as you would with shaving, or epilating. You would not have to put up with shaving cuts or pain. Ingrown hairs can also be enhanced with laser hair treatment.

  • Minimum side effects

When it comes to safety, IPL devices are safe for hair removal and research shows it’s safe

  • Efficient and Effective

Many people attain reduced hair in 3 to 7 treatments, suggesting that IPL treatment is quite effective and efficient.

  • Long term result with IPL

If you stick with IPL treatment, you can see a lasting decline in hair re-growth. The number of treatments will decrease while the duration between procedures will improve.

  • Pain-free treatment

Unlike razors, hair removal with IPL handset is a pain-free technique. It means there is no chance of bleeding due to cuts.

  • Long life

One of the biggest benefits of Malibu Home Spa IPL for hair removal is that such handset last a long time. For instance, the light has more 500.000 life duration, and can last between 12- 19 years use, depending on how frequently you will use it.

hair removal ipl for men

  • Suitable for all genders

Another benefit of IPL is that both men and women can use them.

  • Perfect for all body parts

You can use IPL to remove your hair from all areas including the face, arms, legs, and private parts (Brazilian).

ipl hair removal legs

Concluding remarks

In a nutshell, it can be summarized from aforementioned discussion that IPL handset for removing hair offers many benefits. Such handset is easy to use, remove hair, last longer, minimal side effects, etc.

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