Say No to Dry and Irritating Skin Post Hair Removal

We know how tired you are of how your skin feels once you're done waxing, tweezing, or shaving unwanted hair on your body. Therefore, we bring forth an easy solution. With the use of IPL handsets, you can get done with hair removal right from the comfort of your home. So that's not a struggle anymore! But what do you do about the aftercare process?

Malibu's Solution for Aftercare

If you are scared of messing up, don't worry, technology has progressed enough to make the process seamlessly easy. Malibu has a wide range of IPL hair removal devices that can help you perform the task in your bathroom without any care in the world. However, there is one thing you need to take care of, and that's caring for the skin after the procedure. Malibu Home Spa's Post Laser Treatment (PTL) Lotion takes care of all your needs as it is specifically designed to moisturize the skin after the treatment.

Why Pick Malibu Home Spa's Post Laser Treatment (PTL®) Lotion? 

1. Soothing Skin

    The one major problem that a lot of men and women face once they are done with the process of hair removal is that the skin often tends to act out. It might get itchy, dry, and can be quite irritating. However, the post-laser treatment lotion acts as a soother and provides comfort to the area. 

    2. Daily Lotion

      What's more, the best thing about this post-laser lotion is that you are not restricted to using it just after your laser hair removal sessions. Sure, it would pair perfectly with the IPL hair removal device, but it has other uses as well. The Malibu Home Spa PLT® lotion can be used on daily basis as well and will help in giving the skin a softer and smoother feel. No more of switching between tons of different lotions; now you can get all your comfort in one place.

      3. Moisturizer

      It is known that hair removal can cause a lot of irritation which would cause the skin to lose its moisture. Getting this moisture back can be quite a chore if one doesn't have the right moisturizers and lotions. The Malibu Home Spa  PLT® lotion contains an organic essential oil that works great for sensitive skin as well. To make it more appealing, this moisturizer has a touch of natural perfume oil fragrance added to the mix. As a result, one can get lightly scented and moisturized skin for up to 24 hours. 

      4. Unique Formula

        No one likes lotions that have a thick consistency and tend to leave you all messy and sticky. The best part about this lotion is that people can apply it right after using the IPL device and get glowing and soft skin in no time that would absorb easily. Because of the unique formula, regular usage of the lotion can result in radiant sin and soothed skin through the cooling properties

        Getting access to a spa-like treatment used to be a dream which is now turned into a reality with the help of Malibu products. The usage of the IPL device, when combined with the Post Laser Treatment Lotion, can not only give a spa-like experience but also provide comfort. 

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