What body parts are best suited for IPL Hair Removal – Solving your query

IPL hair removal is slowly becoming one of the most popular ways to remove hair from your body at the comfort of your home. It is a type of light therapy that also treats wrinkles and spots apart from unwanted hair. 

The best feature about using an IPL machine has the liberty to use it whenever and wherever you want. There aren't any pre-planned sessions that you need to take time out for. Especially with the pandemic, using IPL machines has become all the rage nowadays. 

However, knowing what the IPL machine effectively targets body part is determined by two factors: consistency, the color of the hair follicle, and the person's skin tone. The quality of the machine is just as important to your hair removal journey. 

How does the machine work?

Before we dive into discussing specific body parts that respond better to IPL, we need to look at how the machine works in the first place. As discussed above, IPL works thanks to a pigment in hair called melanin. 

The melanin in the hair helps absorb light from the flashes of the machine, stimulating the hair to go into its resting phase. Before using the machine, make sure to shave the area before the treatment. Select the right light intensity and wait for the "ready" light to come on before moving from that sport to the next one. 

Body Parts that Commonly Use IPL 

While a quality IPL machine promises to remove hair from all parts of the body, each body part takes a specific amount of time due to the thickness and surface area of the body part being worked on. 

Bikini Area

Usually, the bikini area is a smaller surface area to work with, but its time can increase because of the hard-to-reach parts. Using a machine that comes with multiple attachments can be a good investment to make. The time it takes for your bikini area to get done is around 2-3 minutes. 


Like the bikini area, the underarms also require a specific attachment that helps target all hair, from thick to thin, without missing any spots. The hair removal time for underarms is around 2-2.5 minutes, and you're going to see an 80% reduction in growth after a few sessions. 


Face hair removal targets the upper lips, sideburns, and chin. These require precise treatment with an attachment on the IPL that is narrow. It takes around 1 to 2 minutes to treat areas on your face and see results of 85% hair removal in a couple of sessions. 

While people gravitate towards removing hair from these areas the most, with an 80%+ success rate, you can also use IPL to remove your hair from your legs, arms, buttocks, toes, feet, and so on. The best body part to use an IPL machine on is really the body part you want to target. The key to any hair permanent hair removal technique is consistently doing the sessions because the results are gradual but extremely effective.