Why is it good to use shea butter for hair?

Native to West Africa, Shea trees are the source of nuts, out of which fat can be extracted for various purposes. This multi-purpose fat is known as the Shea butter and is of ivory or most often an off-white color. Used for decades, this natural resource has a nice consistency, making it easy to use for various purposes, be it smoothening your skin or conditioning your hair.

This beneficial butter can do wonders for the hair. Keep on reading to understand why you should make it a part of your routine.

1.   Hair Breakage Prevention

Around 50% of women experience hair loss in their lives because of a ton of different reasons. Whether it is hormonal changes, improper diet, or an unhealthy lifestyle, breakage is extremely common. Shea butter is known to be effective in the battle of preventing breakage. This study conducted in 2017 further elaborates o the link between the two. Another plant chemically identical to the tree was known to make hair stronger and prevent breakage.

2.   Hair Loss Control

Shea butter works as a condition for both the hair and the scalp hidden underneath. The nutrients in it can improve the health of both these areas making the follicles stronger. With stronger follicles, hair loss can be reduced tenfold. It can be used in shampoos and conditioners such as this Bayshore Shampoo infused with Shea.

3.   Soothing for Dryness

This butter extracted from the Shea trees contains Vitamin A and E in excess amounts. Because of this, dryness can be soothed, and other problems such as split ends can be tackled side by side as well. There are anti-inflammatory qualities in the butter which, when combined with the fat, can give the scalp enough moisture without giving birth to any greasy residue. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, since it has a nice and moderate consistency, the pores won't be clogged either.

4.   Curls Revival

Anyone out there with curly manes understands how much of a hassle it can be to maintain them. Not just that, but finding the right products is even more of a challenge. However, with natural butter, one can never go wrong. It has several emollient qualities which are beneficial for the treatment of curly waves. Massaging the scalp with a Shea-infused shampoo Like the Bayshore twice a week can work in favor of growth and improve texture.

5.   Heat Protection

Using tools like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers is common for a majority of women out there. While using all these, it is important to use a heat protector to salvage your hair. Shea acts as such a protector and can create a physical barrier that works as a buffer. Applying a thin layer can prevent damage.

Shea butter is a gift from nature that can work miracles for the hair and the scalp. It has tons of nutrients and works great as a moisturizer and a conditioner!


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