Best IPL Hair Removal Device

Looking for best IPL hair removal device for home use and want to read more about the product and features, look no further.
We at Malibu Home Spa, have listed some key topics on this subject. In 2020, IPL mini home devices & handsets have become very popular, question is what is the technology behind the IPL and how does it really work. 

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, these light rays flashes the skin and produces energy which eventually damages and kills the hair follicle, which stops hair from growing. 

Is IPL Hair Removal Permanent?

According to FDA there is only one treatment that can legally be classified as "permanent" hair removal. Hence with the right hair color and skin tone, IPL hair removal handset provides amazing results that reduces shaving and no more expensive clinique treatment is needed. 

Difference between IPL hair removal and Laser: which is best?

Both works! The main difference between Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser is the type of the light. Both treatments target the pigment called melanin in the hair follicle and both treatments produces amazing results. Laser treatment is more focused on the single area, providing faster results and works well on darker skin tones. IPL is more broad spectrum light rays that targets the hair follicle, with surprisingly results, that is why Malibu Home Spa offers 90 days guarantee! For optimal results with IPL, please read our FAQs, as hair color, skin tone and frequency of the treatment will determine the results.

Best IPL at home devices to buy now

Malibu Home Spa hair removal device is the permanently skin rejuvenation IPL handset with over 300,000 shots of lights, the best product on the market.

Best IPL Home Device 2020

IPL Hair removal devices have become a popular home spa product for hair removal. Various products are in the market today, Malibu Home Spa carries the IPL Hair Removal device optimized for Bikini/Intimate areas, armpits, legs, arms and face. 

Hair Removal Device For Men

Get rid of hair and stop shaving with IPL hair removal device designed for Men.
Whether you are into fitness, bodybuilding or just don't want hair and are tired of shaving, IPL hair removal home device is recommended. STOP shaving chest and arms and try IPL, without going to a clinique for expensive treatment. 
Malibu Home Spa carries a unique IPL Hair Removal device for Men and you can read more about the benefits and how to use it. 

Best Price For IPL Hair Removal Device

Malibu Home Spa's flagship product IPL Hair Removal handset is the best priced product on the market. Similar devices are used by cliniques around the world and each treatment can cost up to several hundred dollars each time. Now you can save money and buy your own device for home use and see fantastic results. Malibu Home Spa's mini IPL hair removal handset is easy to use, light weight with beautiful design and comes in 3 different colors. Choose between White, Pink or Black color and become silky smooth and hair free today!

No more shaving and expensive treatments when you buy your own IPL hair removal from Malibu Home Spa. 
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