Hair Removal Laser For Men IPL

Most men groom their body hair, whether it's armpits, arms, legs, face, chest and private areas. Creams, laser treatments or IPL hair removal devices works, but the question is which method is the most effective, less pain and without breaking the bank. If you are tired of the old traditional methods for removing your body hair, visiting expensive cliniques then this article is for you.

Full body hair removal for Men

You don't have to be a swimmer, fitness or bodybuilder or just getting ready for a day on the beach to enjoy a clean shaved look. Most men in general are shaving and grooming their full body hair and use different products and treatments with different results. Some are expensive, tedious and not effective, until now! IPL hair removal device have revolutionized the hair removal industry for women, and now it's available for men too. And the handsets comes in a more masculine design.

Hair removal creams vs IPL / Laser for Men

You can find many hair removal creams in the market today that will reduce the shaving and trimming, however creams can be expensive and don't provide long lasting results. Compared to laser or IPL hair removal home devices, creams are no longer matching the desired result and is too expensive in the long run as well.

Laser Hair Removal For Men

Laser treatment are expensive and usually requires frequent clinique visits. As IPL is becoming more popular, cheaper and resulting in effective hair removal, laser treatments are no longer optimal as IPL handsets for home use treatments are taking over the industry. 

What is IPL Hair Removal Device

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and the device targets the melanin and stops the hair follicle from growing. IPL is a safe method for hair removal and works amazingly on men too. You wonder if IPL is a permanent hair removal remedy? Well according to FDA only one method can be classified as "permanent", yet effective use of IPL will surprise you!

Hair removal for men's privates - IPL is Safe?

IPL is not recommended for the private areas as skin is extra sensitive in those areas. 

IPL Hair Removal For Men

Malibu Home Spa carries a slick IPL hair removal device that designed for men in black color for just $129 with free shipping within US. 
With IPL hair removal home device, you can goodbye to shaving, creams, trimming and expensive clinique treatments. 
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Hair removal handset IPL Laser by Malibu Home Spa


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